Friday, March 25, 2011

Juju Featured in BOMBA ZINE 3!

One of my earliest scannography works got featured in the recent release of BOMBA Zine. It's a scan of my nail clippings which I had shaped into a large nail. I entitled it "Nailed" which I thought was fitting for my state of mind then. The nail clippings were more than a year's collection.

Since the BOMBA issue is in mono, I inverted the colors. The resulting image looked like an airport scan.

Here's the BOMBA 3 issue which also features works by Krayon Jello,Skunk, Bek, Boyagimat, Blic, Odoygiant, Buritomachine, Flaime, !nodoro, Nemo Aguila, Deform, koloWn, Soi-soi Depektoy, Eleven, Bart and Sampipebomb

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