Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Project: STICKEE zine

I got 13 submissions so far since the launch of this invite on FB last March 28. I still have no funds for this project but if there's a will there's always a way. Anyway, I got my future pays to rely on to get this project going. Until then, I've my will.

I've been thinking of doing this project since last year but my plans were only limited to the BLEH character . Then I thought of including works by other street artists in Davao like Rage, Cupcake, Use Me and Gam, until lately, I decided to just let go of limitations and open it to everyone. So far, 13 people have submitted works. I haven't counted those who have expressed interest in the project but it's good they're interested.

I'm trying not think about the costs yet, but I know somewhere I can get P2 per square inch of outdoor sticker. But I also have the option to do home printing or get a friend to print them for me (more like a sponsorship out of friendship--cue in The Beatles song "With A Little Help from Friends"). I just want the stickers to be of outdoor-quality. Might find a way one of these days.

Wait, I just remembered a friend in Cebu who works for a printing press. Crossing my fingers he can help me out :)

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